The Source & Room

At The Sonic Solution we love our gear. Names like Neumann, Universal Audio, Focusrite, Shure, AKG, Audio-Technica, and Warm Audio are just a few of the top brands we have at our fingertips to accommodate for every style of singer, player, and scenario. Every signal chain from the mic, preamp, and to the interface is wired with 100% Mogami (tm) cable providing high fidelity audio with tight clean lows and silky top end. Our wide variety of mics and preamps are the pallet we use to color the source material to fit it in the mix. Finding the right combination of gear is part of the process and a lot of fun here at the studio. Getting it right from the moment we push record makes for an easy and efficient work flow all the way to the final mix.

The Sonic Solution Recording Studio is one of the best acoustically treated facilities in all of North Texas. No matter how much high end gear we use, it is only as good as the 'source' your recording. The source is you, your instrument, the performance...and the room your in. If the room is full of echoes and unwanted reverb, unfortunately that transfers to the recording. And the higher quality of the gear your using only heightens the artifacts that will show themselves in your tracks. The Solution?...Use good gear coupled with an acoustically controlled room. Our live room is modular, meaning that we can adjust the amount of reverb present in the room, or eliminate it all together. The key is always using the mood and vibe of the song to create perfect space for your tracks.

Lots To Choose From

Here at The Sonic Solution we wanted to be able to provide an artist or band the ability to walk in empty handed and still have access to several professional vintage and modern instruments, gear, and effects to use on your session. Of course your always welcome and encouraged to bring in your own personal instruments, amps, gear, etc. But rest assured that we'll have plenty to choose from. We like the idea of having several options at our disposal because you never know what guitar or snare drum might sound best for a particular song until you hear it. Just a few things we have on hand are a complete set of Sabian AAX cymbals, Les Paul Custom, Marshall JCM 800, Gretch 5 piece kit, Fender P-bass, Baldwin piano, plus much, much more.

The Signal Chain