MUSICIAN SERVICES (Session Players) :Are available for your project. Maybe you need a few extra players, or maybe you need a full band. Our long list of trusted and dependable session players ensures your time and money wont' be wasted on countless takes of a less than acceptable performance. Get it done right the first time by hiring a pro to play on your project. All Genres are covered.

CANCELLATIONS - Need to reschedule? Please let us know at least 48 hours in advance and we will happily move your session. There is a $100.00 fee if you cancel after the 48 hour time line that will be taken out of your initial deposit. For clients who pull a 'no-show' as well as not contacting us before your scheduled session time begins, you will be charged for a full 8 hour day ($200.00).

Services & Rates


*Mixing & Editing


*ADAT transfers

*Musician Services (Session Players)

*Musician & Band Websites

*Artist Development

For recording, mixing, and editing services our prices are a simple flat rate of $25.00 per hour with a 4 hour minimum ($100.00) due at scheduling. The minimum is applied to your time and you will not be charged any more until your 5th hour.

We can and will discuss discounted prices for block rates depending on your project and number of members or players. Typically we can do:

40 hrs (week) @ $900.00

160 hrs (month) @ $3000.00

*NOTE - for block rate discounts your time must be scheduled consecutively.

PRODUCER PACKAGES - Producer packages are a great way to budget for a demo, EP, Or Full Length recording. These packages include all the extras that go into a finely polished record. Pre-production planning, ear candy, and intense attention to detail as we take your song to another level. Prices are based on the number of players and the number of songs and rate is set per project. Please call or write for a quote today!

***1/3 payment down for Block Rates due at scheduling followed by another 1/3 payment at the end of tracking, and the final balance must be paid in full before the final mix can leave the studio. Rough mixes can be taken with you for practice or review ONLY if your balance is in good standing with our policies. All recordings are property of The Sonic Solution until your project is paid in full.

***COVER SONG(s) -Disclaimer : If you are planning on doing a cover song, we are legally bound to have the rights to do so before starting. Doing a cover song is an easy thing, but the client must go through the proper procedures to obtain the rights for the song(s) to be recorded. There are several agencies that allow you to buy the rights prior to your recording for a small fee per song. This step is mandatory and is required by law.

WEBSITES for artists and bands - starting at $300.00 for a normal 3-4 page site design plus set up fees and Domain Name and Hosting registration. Additional pages start at $100 per page.  Domain Names and Hosting can be purchased for as little as $20 a month. Page content such as Pictures, Videos, and other media supplied by artist.

Artist Development programs are priced by the project. Please call or write today to get a quote to help your band get the tools and training to help springboard your band into the scene.